GPA Redistribution

Funny how socialism doesn’t sound so good to these students when they’re asked to do the giving. This is the type of idea we’re looking to highlight on this blog.


One Response to “GPA Redistribution”

  1. Just found you young conservatives. Excellent analogy. The deer in the headlight reactions from the students is priceless. It’s a shame these bright minds holding our future really don’t see the similarities. The higher the GPA the higher the income potential. You should ask the students why do they need an education in the 1st place? Why accumulate all that debt if for no other reason than to be able to acquire a decent enough job to pay it back… or forward? The Peace Corps and volunteer work are only going to get you so many IPads, smart phones or Itunes credits.I guess it depends if you’re asking a Socialist or a Freedom loving “individual”
    whether they are willing to share their precious time and resources for others. It’s the COLLECTIVE way. Knowledge is power. Money is the by product of effort in a Capitalist society. With the money an individual can CHOOSE whether to distribute it within a desired community. The community then benefits. However, to have the government through the implementation of taxes and regulations redirect those individual efforts into the system they deem “necessary.”That is Tyranny. Again, great job. It’s too bad the youth of today has to deal with such life and death issues. College is a time for discovery and self development. I feel hopeful for the future of our REPUBLIC. Keep it going.


    The Plains, VA.

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