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Obama’s plan to kill Bin Laden

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Two days into his presidency Barrack Obama’s master plan for capturing/killing Usama Bin Laden began to take form. The first order of business,,, attempt to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. Next, start investigating CIA operatives for interrogation abuses and put an end to the enhanced interrogation program used to get vital information from enemy combatants (think waterboarding). Then Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder decided to really get tough by reading captured terrorists their Miranda Rights.
Luckily for us Bin Laden was killed despite the presidents best efforts. It wont stop Obama from taking credit for it though, as evidenced by his speech that attempted to mislead America into believing the intel originated nine months ago, when in fact the intel took shape from captured terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay, who were not read their rights but were in fact waterboarded by CIA interrogators.
Obama and the people he’s surrounded by drip with disdain for the military and intelligence services, yet he will piggy-back on the hard work and courage of the men and women of the armed services and the CIA and inject himself as the supposed decisive Commander-in-Chief when he is anything but.

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